Workshop This Saturday

Hello and Happy Spring!

On Saturday I will be teaching at a day-long zoom workshop put on by the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) for End of Life Care Partners. As one of the facilitators, I will teach a one-hour class on using writing as a tool for healing and self-care.

Classes on yoga for grief, bedside singing and nature as restorative support will also be available. And my colleague and dear friend, Arline Saturdayborn, will be teaching a class on Sustainable Compassion through meditation.

If you know anyone who would benefit from these resources, please pass this information along.
For more information click here:

From ChIME

“Join us on Zoom for a day of teachings and conversations that will invite you into practices of body, mind, and heart that will support and sustain your spirit for the difficult work of supporting people through life and death.
In a day of inspiring sessions and meaningful connection, attendees will develop resources, experience relief, and build resilience for managing the grief and stress that accumulate in their lives.
If another day on Zoom feels daunting, be assured that the schedule has been developed to ensure ample time away from the screen and the keynote and breakout sessions will be interactive and experiential.”

Cost: $75

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Catharine H. Murray

Author, poet, speaker, workshop leader, teacher.

2 thoughts on “Workshop This Saturday

  1. ‌Hello Catharine,

    How are you? Oscar is now a Thaï citizen. He lives and works in Phukhet whith his thaï girl friend. I hope your sons are doing well too. Anuthida and I are thinking of travelling to Thaïland towards the end of this year.

    We wish you the best.

    Anuthida and Pascal



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