Transforming Grief Through Writing  

Allow yourself to connect with your own healing wisdom through the powerful practice of writing. Reclaim your zest for living by honoring and releasing the grief that hinders you.

In a small supportive group we will meet in a workshop and then again weekly for eight weeks to provide instruction and support as you visit, express, and bring to light what lies hidden beneath the busy-ness of your life. Giving yourself this time and direction paves the way for peace and healing.

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You have reawakened my desire to write about challenging periods in my life.


I have always struggled with that inner critical voice. Learning how to hush that voice was incredibly valuable to me.


You inspired me to use writing myself and with clients.


This talk made me feel like my feelings and grief are human and I’m not alone.


I learned that I can use writing with clients even if I’m not fully confident in my own writing.