Podcast for Healthcare Educators

I’m delighted to share that my friend, classmate and colleague, Dr. Anne Hallward of Safe Space Radio is providing a podcast for the education of health care providers. Her 22-minute interview with me will be featured in the Death and Dying section of the course. To check out the podcast go to https://safespaceradio.com/education/ To listen to the original interviews with me, click: https://safespaceradio.com/?s=catharine+murray and https://safespaceradio.com/?s=katie+murray

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Catharine H. Murray

Author, poet, speaker, workshop leader, teacher.

One thought on “Podcast for Healthcare Educators

  1. Hi Katie,

    I loved hearing your voice as you respond to Dr. Hallward and read your poems, which are so honest and accessible and often end with a surprising image that encapsulates the whole. (There’s a literary term for that, I think, but who remembers?) Two things you say have stayed with me and reveal exactly who you are. One is when Hallward doubts that when you were writing you ever dreamed about going public with it. Writing is an interior experience and while it’s happening, while immersed in the experience, that’s all it can/must be—for anything true to emerge. The second thing was when you dispute applying the word tragedy to Chan’s death. She wanted to use that word, but you stuck with your global perspective of tragedy. I thought that was wonderful.

    I’m going to write another email to you about my experience of reading your stunning memoir.

    Love, Sherry

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