Sunday, January 26th, 2020

9:00 AM to Noon, Good Medicine Collective, 231 York Street, Portland, Maine

Give yourself the gift of deep rest and soulful integration.

Spend a morning relaxing into the guided meditation practice of yoga nidra paired with a supportive writing practice. Invite body and mind to let go of your “to do” list and rest in the present moment. Yoga nidra invites deep rest where the system can generate self-healing and open creative channels. Emerge from yoga nidra into a quiet hour of meditative journaling supported by prompts and guidance to integrate new insights. Return home rested and ready to bring these practices into your life.

Co-presented by :
Deb Cook, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Guide

Catharine H. Murray, MFA, Author, Poet and Writing Guide

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Please note: this offering has filled in the past, so reserve your space early!


Bring a journal or notepad and any props you may want to use. Mats, blankets and eye covering will be provided.



Deb Cook is the founder of Deep Peace Practice and a Kripalu-certified teacher and yoga nidra guide. She has led classes, workshops and retreats in beautiful places across Maine for over 20 years. Her Winter’s Deep Peace Yoga Nidra events have their roots in the most ancient yoga traditions. Yoga Nidra can calm the mind, relieve stress, improve sleep, restore vital energy and boost creativity. Contact Deb at

“Deb Cook’s Yoga Nidra is a balm for the soul. When I feel stressed, I just hear Deb’s voice reminding me to go deep, find peace, and bring it off the mat and into my life. The effects are long lasting, and each session is a slightly different flavor of pure bliss. Cannot recommend this experience highly enough.”

Catharine H. Murray, MFA, is an author, poet and writing guide. Her new book, Now You See the Sky (Akashic Books, 2018), topped Portland’s Best-Seller list for Non-fiction in January, 2019. Murray leads writing classes and workshops to help people use writing as a tool for healing. She is trained as a Traumatic Incident Facilitator and works one-on-one to assist clients in working through grief and trauma. Venues for her talks and workshops have included Ocean Park Writers’ Conference, Harvard University, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Maine State Prison, and the University of New England. Murray earned her BA from Harvard University and her MFA in Creative Writing at USM’s Stonecoast Writing Program.

“I felt the soul’s ‘tap on my shoulder’ when I had the urge to use writing to process some of my family’s patterns and history. I needed an experienced guide to gently help me move into and through my exploration. Catharine was the right person. Gentle, intuitive and inquiring, she listens well and I trust her to know how to use writing to discover and uncover hidden treasures of the heart.”

To register: 

Pay below with PayPal (sliding scale $45 to $60) or send a check.

Email for mailing address. 


Winter’s Deep Peace Practice: Yoga Nidra and Writing

A morning of deep rest and soulful integration



Winter’s Deep Peace Practice: Yoga Nidra and Writing



Winter’s Deep Peace Practice: Yoga Nidra and Writing



Winter’s Deep Peace Practice: Yoga Nidra and Writing


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Deep Peace Practice: Yoga Nidra and Writing

  1. I am looking forward to this workshop. Will I receive a confirmation as well as any details I need to know?

    Warm regards,


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